H e t e r o t o p i a - Contemporary Art Group Show

Heterotopia, « hétérotopie » in French, is a concept forged by Michel Foucault in a conference in 1967 called « Of other spaces ». He defines heterotopias as a physical location for utopia. Heterotopias are real spaces hosting the imaginary, like a children house or a theater. Those spaces are also used to put people aside from society like the retirement houses, asylums or cemeteries. Heterotopias are places following other rules within a given society. 

The exhibition Heterotopia is interested in artists weaving threads between reality and the imaginary who transform objects or spaces of our everyday lifeto create oneiric worlds filled with alternatives meanings. The object or the location taken out of its context becomes isolated and outside temporality which gives it a new aesthetic and sensorial value. A sacred and mysterious connotation is thus added to common objects or places. The object becomes an artefact, a totem. Spaces are gaining new dimensions,  a pellicular atmosphere emerges, new interpretations of the real come to light.

Reality is reconstructed to create a new one, a world that allows imagination to rise in which laws of physics, point of views and perspectives become subjective. The artist juxtaposes multiple spaces in one place which wouldn’t have been possible in the tangible world. The exhibition Heterotopia will explore the work of artists creating other spaces in rupture with time, laws of physics and common habits.